Anti-Money Laundering (AML)

Terms and Conditions:

1- The anti-money laundering (AML) policy document adopted by the Global Forex Company and IQM Capital for Financial Brokerage Company, and its participation in detecting any activity related to the subject of money laundering and terrorist financing, preventing it from being used entirely in the company and blocking all products and services that aim to money laundering.

2- IQM Capital company’s anti-money laundering policy includes several items, including the laundering of returns of crime, which is the act of transferring money and everything related to it, deposit and credit, derived from criminal and terrorist activities into funds or investments that appear legitimate so that their source cannot be known other than Legal and therefore all local and international laws and legislation that apply to the policy of companies whose customers can deposit and withdraw cash from their accounts, make it illegal for the company’s partners to deal and participate in all matters that lead to money laundering and work to combat it.

3- IQM Capital company carefully monitors any suspicious actions, transactions or movements, and immediately reports such actions to the competent authorities as soon as possible to ensure the rights of everyone and not to threatening the security of the state and not to cause any illegal measures that threaten the public interest.

4- The main purpose of the anti-money laundering crime operation is to ensure the identification of customers participating in financial transactions, opening an account within the company, participating in trading operations, and withdrawing and depositing money within the company’s website, in accordance with some terms, policies, standards, and a set of private and highly confidential personal data for customers.

5- IQM Capital company has developed an internal policy for combating money laundering and combating the financing of terrorism in accordance with the requirements of international legislation, in order to reduce the risks of money laundering and terrorist financing crimes.

6- IQM Capital and all of its authorized employees reserve the right to refuse to deal with transactions if it turns out that the transaction has any connection in any way with money laundering or criminal and terrorist activity, and the company does not have the right to inform the customer that the competent authorities have been informed of his criminal activity.

Data and Identity:

IQM Capital needs some personal information of the customer such as full name, phone number, email address, date of birth, certified copy of civil ID, passport, full residential address, country of residence and some information related to the customer’s financial status such as bank accounts and credit cards, for the purpose of implementing anti-money laundering laws, All data must be invalid, in addition to the need for a bank statement invoice or any other document confirming the customer’s address, in some cases the company can also require the customer to provide notarized copies of the documents translated into the language required by a sworn translator and the customer’s photo and all the original documents.

Money Withdrawal:

IQM Capital has the right to demand strict adherence to generally agreed procedures for the replenishment and withdrawal of funds. During the withdrawal of funds, the name of the recipient must match the name of the client in the database kept in the company. Funds can be withdrawn by bank transfer only to the same bank and the same account, and funds can be withdrawn by electronic payment to the same system and account. The Company has the right, at its sole discretion, to make a transfer of the requirements on the basis of which the account was replenishment.

For the purpose of following the policy of combating money laundering crime, IQM Capital company prevents money transfers made by the company’s clients without the purpose of trading operations that seek to achieve profits within the scope of the services provided by the company. In the event of suspicious cases and monitoring of operations directly or indirectly related to money laundering crimes and terrorism support, the company has the right to stop and withdraw deposit and withdrawal operations and investigate by all means in the client’s account and money and refer them to the competent authorities.

Anti-Fraud Crimes

IQM Capital seeks primarily to protect the privacy and data of the user, and it also strives to prevent any attempt to infiltrate and steal his trader’s account, as this document states to explain the most important characteristics and necessities of protecting a Forex account from fraud and theft and to prevent exposing the account to any fraud.

Where we will strive to explain the most important rules of security, basic privacy, profile verification and identity authentication, including email protection and password management applications, in addition to an overview of the types of fraud in the Forex.


Safety and Privacy Rules

At the beginning, we can explain the importance of the Internet, all its sites and applications, and the extent of their importance for many important purposes recently reached by science, and the extent to which large companies and small projects depend on the Internet. And do not forget the need to note the risks of fraud and theft of personal accounts and the importance of explaining the protection of the Forex trading account from the risks of fraud and theft of all kinds.

The most important rules of security and privacy include the need to give the real information of the person with the need to verify the e-mail address, phone number and name, in addition to the importance of setting a very strong password that includes numbers and letters and keeping it in a place away from the reach of other people and not displaying the password or any other confidential information to others or underestimate the importance of maintaining its confidentiality.

It is necessary to note that the support team is important. Your request will not ask you for the password in any way, because they will only ask to speak with you via the phone number or direct chat through the company. Beware of fraudulent companies that may claim to have pages on the communication sites to provide them with passwords your password or other personal data for the purpose of fraud and theft of your Forex account.

Use two-factor authentication and send a verification code and confirm the process of withdrawing money by phone number and not sharing any code with others or on social networking sites, and we can also mention the importance of installing anti-virus programs on computers and mobile phones and the need to verify the area name when logging in to an area Personal customer, and remember that the support team does not require the installation of any remote access programs such as TeamViewer OR Microsoft Remote Desktop or any other programs.

Profile Verification and Identity Verification

The importance of protecting the user or trader’s account is very necessary in order to protect all money and other data, this is done through the process of authenticating personal identity and providing a set of documents and data for the purpose of identifying and verifying the identity of the trader in all deposits and withdrawals, so it is necessary to provide the company with real personal information and data When registering, completing the verification process, and sending identity data that shows your name, number and address, and do not store any document in your e-mail.

Protect your email above all by using a very strong password with two-factor authentication confirmation, sending verification messages and confirming the phone number and changing the password periodically in order to protect the account from hacking.


Password Management Apps

There are a very perfect applications that save and store your passwords in a fully encrypted form with the feature of changing passwords easily and very securely on computers and mobile phones, such as LastPass, KeePass application. After installing the application, you can create a new database for your password and create a master password.

Therefore, it is very necessary to use passwords from your own device only and not to use any other device with the use of strong passwords and changing them constantly and not saving them in the e-mail with the need to monitor and monitor your trading platform.


Types of Fraud in Forex

Several types of fraud have occurred in recent years, in the form of scams in the name of brokerage firms in order to obtain traders’ accounts, money and their evidence, such as using the company’s name or part of its website address in order to register a fake area name with which they can steal the trader or as a design process content that is completely similar to the original site in order for the trader to fall into something similar to confusing the site with the original content, between the site and fake content, and sending personal data, payment information and other personal data.

This mistake that the trader makes may lead to losing his database and transferring it to the hacker to carry out the process of transferring and withdrawing the client’s money and exposing the credit card to risk and theft, so it is necessary to check the company’s website and you can easily confirm this if you register with the company, Also you can check with real company information and its registration date.

In addition to the other type of fraud in which they pretend to be a support team and ask you for some personal data and passwords or by sending emails or calling directly and asking to provide them with your password, so you should be aware that such pages will be unofficial and their main purpose is obtaining your personal data in order to steal money by entering your trading account by providing them with passwords.

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