What is copy social trading?

Electronic commerce has developed in the financial markets very significantly in recent times, and new and innovative types of tools have appeared, as well as multiple ways of managing capital for the implementation of commercial transactions.

One of the new and innovative methods is called the process of copying deals or social trading, and it is one of the most important innovative methods in the world of forex and online trading markets in general, so that this process immediately executes copied deals from the experienced trader in forex to his affiliate account in trading.

It is obvious to everyone that forex trading has become one of the most important methods of buying and selling around the world, and every person in this world wants to enter and work in it.

But entering these markets requires high expertise, superior analytical skills, and continuous follow-up and analysis of the markets.

Before all that, the trader must learn to trade forex, entry and exit times, and other complex matters.

Here the giant idea to solve this crisis emerged.

This is done by copying the trades of expert and professional traders for a small commission, which leads to large profits.

Copying trades is an important strategy for all sides of the equation in online trading, meaning that the professional trader, the novice, and the investor alike, all benefit from this strategy in relation to the other.

So that the professional trader sets a certain commission for copying his deals through his affiliates and thus increases his profits very significantly without getting tired of him or effort.

Also, the novice trader, who is still in the stage of studying and learning successful trading methods, uses the method of copying deals from professionals to help them learn new strategies and methods of market analysis, as well as the most important times of entering and exiting the markets.

As for investors who choose professional trading experts to copy their operations and deals instantly and directly in return for paying a simple commission compared to the profits that accrue to them, all you have to do is choose a professional trader with high experience and a history of profits.

Advantages of copying trades with IQM Capital

There are several advantages of copy trading that have taken their place among professional and novice traders

It allows novice traders to learn about the financial markets and gain confidence and experience in trading
Experienced traders are able to participate in trading virtually even when they are busy, who cannot spend their valuable time in the necessary studies and research that drives them to trade
Copy trading can be used for many financial derivatives, including forex, stocks, commodities and trading cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and other likes.
Creates a community of traders (social trading), both beginners and experienced, who can share ideas, strategies and improve their trading performance together.

How to copy trades successfully?

There are several steps that a trader should take into account in order to successfully copy trades.

Choosing a reliable and regulated financial broker, to maintain the safety and security of money and client data
While the broker has been selected, it is time to open an account on the automated trading platform
After activating the account, the platform presents a list of signal providers, from which the trader can choose the best provider for him

After following these three steps, there are some important tips to remember.

During each step one can be chosen from a large variety – there are many brokers, multiple platforms, and a lot of signal providers.

It is important to narrow the options and suit them to the trader and his needs.

Topics such as the goals that the trader wants to achieve, the financial instruments he wants to trade, the amount of capital he wants to invest must be taken into account before starting to trade.

Once you have chosen the broker, platform type and signal provider it should be much easier to trade.

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